PM Aluproget s.r.l. was established in 1997, and operates in the aluminum sector, producing extendable mechanisms, rails and legs for high quality tables and home furnishings. We have many prestigious companies amongst our clientele, many of which operate in the international market.

With our professional expertise in working with aluminum, PM Aluproget srl takes every detail seriously; we are a “competent, versatile and innovative company”. PM Aluproget has always supported its clients in modern, technological proposals by offering a complete service including consultation, research, design and production, developing customised and innovative mechanisms and systems and always respecting the confidentiality of the product.


PM Aluproget knows that every client’s needs are unique and strives to create mechanisms for tables and customised systems to best meet these needs, ensuring maximum efficiency in the creation and manufacture of each project.

A cornerstone of our work is the ongoing collaboration with designers and architects, and above all with the staff at client companies, with whom we seek to develop close working relationships and share our value and competence. PM Aluproget is the ideal partner for all companies in the sector with our dedicated team of experts who maintain an active research and development programme on a daily basis, essential for a specialist modern production unit.




  • Establishment of long-term cooperation
  • Providing quick responses
  • Maximum discretion and integrity in relationships
  • Respecting the confidentiality of each project
  • Sharing customer values and meeting requirements
  • Understanding customers’ expectations of the product in the market place
  • Managing obstacles jointly with clients

Ongoing improvement

  • Using effective, efficient and competitive production systems
  • Examining and continually reviewing methods of working
  • Tackling crisis and change in an innovative and creative manner
  • Remaining flexible, dynamic and highly competent
  • Responding quickly to changing market conditions