PM Aluproget uses special saws and CNC machining centres for cutting and processing aluminum, both for basic and surface-treated components.

The machines are also equipped with the latest 3D software and networked with the Design Department, allowing continuous monitoring of production data.


The frames and mechanisms for extending tables produced by PM Aluproget complement items that our customers offer on the international market, so it is essential that we pay particular attention at every step in order to guarantee optimum quality and avoid any complaints or returns.

Our staff have long experience and take great care at all stages of assembly, following quality procedures and technical guidelines scrupulously and performing all functional tests required to ensure the highest standards. Packaging is designed specifically for each item, for maximum protection of the product. If required, products can be customised with the client’s brand.


PM Aluproget has appropriately equipped areas for the storage of profiles and other areas for semi-finished and finished products, according to production requirements.


The company’s operational methods have always been compliant with ISO 9001 regulations. Given how important it is ensure the final assembly of our products looks good, PM Aluproget gives special care and attention to aesthetic appearance at all stages of construction.

Each department uses the appropriate tools for their section of the work, and the tools are regularly checked. The company also has a CN microdot marking machine which can be used to mark items for traceability, on request. The quality of our products and the “Made in Italy” standard have always been our fundamental strength.


By carefully selecting the components for our mechanisms and continually developing new applications, we can be sure that our products are of the best quality and highly competitive.

The company is also particularly attentive to environmental concerns both by ensuring well-being in the manufacturing environment and managing the disposal of waste products, for which we have a programme of almost total recycling.